Top 4 Online Fabric Shops for Your Crafting Needs

If you love crafting and sewing beautiful clothes, drapery, tablecloths, or curtains, you need a one-stop-shop for all your fabric. The following list reviews the top four places you can find the widest range of quality textiles online at the best prices. Whether you buy by the yard or roll or are looking for pre-cut pieces, there is something for you in each of these stores.


BLICK is a fabric industry giant that sells fabric by the yard and as full rolls, remnants, and pre-cut pieces. The company has an online retail store that stocks a wide selection of materials, including tulle, cotton, burlap, muslin, felt, Aida cloth, and linen. Of all their inventory, their best pick is the Smart-Fab fabric: a flexible, strong, non-woven texture that can be easily cut, folded, sewn, and glued.

2. Michaels

When you shop at Michaels online fabric store, you have the luxury of choosing from a wide range of categories like quilting, apparel, home décor, and character fabrics. The textures are arranged by category and color, allowing you to quickly narrow down your search to what you are looking for. The materials themselves – sold both in prints and solids – include linen, cotton, embroidered, and velvet.

3. Mood Fabrics

Mood Fabrics, a NYC-based fabric store, has been featured on Project Runway countless times. They are world-renowned for their vast inventory of textures such as cotton, rayon, polyester, linen, wool, and silk. If you are a DIY aficionado, you will love their selection categories which cover home décor, drapery, crafting, home accents, and upholstery materials.


Last on the list is the nationwide fabric retailer JOANN, the go-to shop for fabric by the yard choices. Their inventory includes a wide range of fabrics, including canvas, flannel, vinyl, fleece, lightweight décor cloth, linen, and utility materials. If you enjoy making clothes, quilting, or crafting, their range of patterns and colors will astound you.